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First thing I did was play my long neglected piano, again I can hear tone!! I couldn’t play by ear with or without the ones I did have. Now I can play everything again. Within this 15 min. period I was once again able to hear my voice as I speak!! Sometimes before, I could barely hear what I was saying or singing! I’ve got my pre-90s good music back again! I guess I can take them out when the terrible music plays! I guess my new hearing is next to the hearing I was born to have. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you for helping my Dad. I’m beyond grateful and so is he!

Thank you so much for working so diligently making it possible for Bob to hear so well his last days here…It was great to visit him with that aid in & he seemed like a different person. Your act of kindness was greatly appreciated & will never be forgotten…May God Bless You.
-Rick, Eileen, & family

Thanks so much for giving of your vacation time, in your selfless way, to help improve the life of your patients. You are one in a million! We deeply appreciate you!
-Nick, Mary and Dorthea

I thank you again for opening up my world at age 71! I am indeed grateful

Just a note to let you know how pleased I was to get my hearing aids back so soon – for it was hell without it and my back up quit and besides that it is just as quite as can be. Whatever you did was great! Thank you again!!

My “Aids” are performing in the highest fashion – and I thank you a million times over -for all of your hard work & true interest in my welfare!
– Jack & Lou & Chester

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