Great Falls Hearing Aids and Products

The newest digital technology.

We offer the newest digital technology at very affordable prices. Introducing the new rechargeable waterproof hearing aid. Never buy batteries again. We fit and service hearing aids and assistive listening devices to all ages.

At Prescription Design Hearing Aid and Audiology Center, Inc we are knowledgable of the various brands of hearing aid manufacturers in the United States. We carry a large variety of styles and are able to find a style that will best meet your needs.

We also offer:

  • In office repairs, cleaning, reprogramming and general service on all brands.
  • Assistive Listening devices (for TVs, cell phones, etc.)

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Hearing Aid Styles

Open Fit hearing aids

Open Fit Open Fit

Nestles completely in the ear canal and is the least visible. It also requires the most fitting.

RIC hearing aids

ric receiver-in-the-canal

Its smaller BTE with CIC.

IIC hearing aids

iic invisible-in-the-canal

A smaller version of the CIC fits way down and is virtually invisible

BTE hearing aids

BTE Behind-the-Ear

Fits over the ear and rests behind it.

ITC hearing aids

itc in-the-canal

Fits slightly lower in the ear is hardly visible.

ITE hearing aids

Ite in-the-Ear

The most common style, sits in the ear.

Hearing Aid Technology
Hearing Aid Technology

We offer the latest in technology. We handle many different brands to best fit our patients. Before fitting you with a device, we first perform diagnostic testing to find the best fit for you.